School district found negligent in its supervision when middle school teacher repeatedly molests student. $8 million. Los Angeles County.


Male middle school teacher molests eighth grade female student.

The Case

  • Case Name: Antonia M. vs. Pomona Unified School District
  • Court and Case Number: Los Angeles Superior Court / BC543558
  • Date of Verdict or Judgment: Tuesday, May 10, 2016
  • Type of Case: Negligence
  • Judge or Arbitrator(s): Hon. David Cunningham III
  • Plaintiffs:
    Antonia M., a minor.
  • Defendants:
    Pomona Unified School District
  • Type of Result: Jury Verdict

The Result

  • Gross Verdict or Award: $8,050,000
  • Contributory/Comparative Negligence: Pomona Unified School District: 80%; Perpetrator Andrews: 20%.
  • Economic Damages:

    Past medical: None claimed.

    Future medical: $50,000

  • Non-Economic Damages:

    Past non-economic damages: $7,000,000

    Future non-economic damages: $1,000,000

The Attorneys

  • Attorney for the Plaintiff:

    Taylor & Ring by John Taylor and Natalie Weatherford, Los Angeles.

  • Attorney for the Defendant:

    McCune & Harber by Dana John McCune and Jessica Gillette, Los Angeles.

The Experts

  • Plaintiff’s Medical Expert(s):

    Lynn Ponton, M.D., psychiatry, San Francisco.

  • Defendant's Medical Expert(s):

    Constance Dalenberg, Ph.D., psychology, San Diego.

  • Defendant's Technical Expert(s):

    Robert Fraisse, Ph.D., school supervision, Thousand Oaks.

Facts and Background

  • Facts and Background:

    Lorbeer Middle School teacher Steven Andrews committed multiple acts of sexual assault and abuse against the plaintiff, Antonia M., over the course of her 2010/2011 school year. Antonia M. was 14 years old at the time of the abuse. Andrews was 40 years old.

  • Plaintiff's Contentions:

    That defendant school district was negligent in that it failed to supervise the teacher and/or student in this case.

  • Defendant's Contentions:

    That supervision was adequate. Defendant district disputed the nature and extent of plaintiff’s damages.


Injuries and Other Damages

  • Physical Injuries claimed by Plaintiff:

    Severe emotional distress.

Demands and Offers

  • Defendant Final Offer before Trial: $1,000,000